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At iTexico we customize the development methodology to align with your company’s culture and teaming best practices because we want to provide our customers with the best total solution throughout the software development lifecycle.

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Teams as a Service

Teams as a Service is a unique delivery approach designed to integrate with your team’s specific capacity, culture, competencies, skills and quality requirements. The teams can collaborate virtually, at your site or at one of our delivery centers.

Extended Teams Images
Extended Teams

Initiatives that require the need to scale up and scale down skilled talent on demand basis and the extended team is managed and integrated into your core leadership team.

Project Teams Image
Project Teams

Innovations that requires an integrated team of design, development, QA and project management talent and the project team takes ownership for the outcomes within a budget and timeline.

Competency Teams Image
Competency Teams

Thinking about investing in your own delivery center? Competency teams are a fully managed service and competency team that can take end-to-end ownership for developing a product.

Virtual Communication image
Virtual Communication

Every member of our team is 100% accessible through virtual means — you can reach us no matter where you are, using best-in-class communication tools.

iTexicans on site Image
iTexicans on site

US-Mexico trade agreements allow for greater travel flexibility — and easy and low-cost travel options between the two countries allow for ad-hoc meetings or longer stays.

Customer at iTexico image
Customer at iTexico

From major U.S. markets, you can work with your team in person in as little as two to three hours — making collaboration on your production more efficient and productive.

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Aligning Our Teams


Assemble Team

Step 1

Assemble Team

  • Define Requirements and Skills
  • Anchor Team with Lead
  • Resource the Team


Align Team

Step 2

Align Team

  • Working Agreements
  • Role Definitions
  • Events Definition
  • Artifacts
  • Workflow and Processes


Onboard Team

Step 3

Onboard Team

  • Culture Alignment
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Environment & Platform Setup
  • Communication Protocols


Sprint Merge

Step 4

Sprint Merge

  • Bug Triage
  • Backlog Mgmt.
  • Sprint Planning
  • Daily Standups
  • Retrospective
  • Product Backlog
  • Grooming


Measure Quality

Step 5

Measure Quality

  • Rapid and Multiple A/B Testing
  • Daily Code Checkins
  • Peer Code Reviews
  • Reporting


Connecting you with the right experts

Nearshore+ works just like offshoring except that businesses pair with their teams in country that shares the same border, closer in proximity to the US than far shore options such as India, Ukraine, S. America while providing closer alignement in culture, communication and laws.

Nearshore+ helps you innovate better while reducing the risks, time and costs to take your product or service to market.

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    US-Based Management Team

  • Connector.

    Minimal Travel Restrictions

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    Legal & IP Protection through NAFTA

  • Connector.

    Team Building with Shorter Travel Time

  • Connector.

    Responsive & Agile Development Teams

Our 7 C’s

As the global choices for software development outsourcing increase, the total cost advantages for regions like the Far East, Baltic and S. America are becoming increasingly cost-compettive. More than ever companies are being driven to make better total value-based decisions that includes factors such as access to talent capacity, convenience of time zone, consistency of code quality, teaming collaboration, improved communication and cultural alignment.

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    At the core of our nearshore model is both proximity and accessibility. By having connected and shared borders with Mexico, our customers can have calls on the same time zone and easily travel to our development centers.

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    One of the unique values of of the nearshore+ development model is the consistency and quality of design, development and quality assurance talent to leverage best practice software development methodologies such as Agile and Lean.

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    The technology ecosystem of Mexico including public, academia and private companies provides a great alternative for skilled talent for design, development and testing on both proven and innovative technologies.

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    Mexico has moved into the top global software destinations and is the leading Latin market with both capacity and availability of talent and with our extended team approach clients can scale up or down without the long-term commitments.

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    One of the most vital success factors for a quality customer service experience is the communication skills coupled with an Agile methodology to help ensure that teaming is improved while helping accelerate development.

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    Sharing the same border minimizes the communication gaps and provides a unique differentiator in that the teams understand one another’s perspectives, way of business and working allowing for better integrated teaming.

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    Cost - Competitive

    The global costs beyond the local US market on an hourly basis are beginning to experience parity thus leaving customers with a greater value choice that includes true nearshore convenience and an overall improved customer experience.

Why Mexico?

In less than a generation, Mexico has become a formidable player on the world IT scene — today, ranked as the world’s fourth-largest emerging IT market, with more than 500,000 professionals providing mission-critical software development services.

Mexico is iTexico’s nearshore development center of choice due to its cultural alignment, political stability, low cost of labor, trade protections afforded by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and the matriculation of more than 65,000 new IT workers from more than 120 Mexican universities each year.

How Guadalajara Became
Mexico’s Silicon Valley

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    The Ciudad Creativa Digital project will begin construction in the coming years, shaping the future of the city.
    Amazon is expected to arrive in Guadalajara to source new talent.

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    The Washington Post publishes and article called Is Mexico the next Silicon Valley? Tech Boom takes root in Guadalajara, setting the eye on the city as a Tech Hub.

    The Mario Molina group of universities wins a government grant to begin developing and loT research center.

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    The IT sector adds 7,000 jobs to the city, attracting 105,000 new workers.

Ooyala opens new offices in the city.

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    Universidad de Guadalajara is ranked fifth among the best Mexican Universities.

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    Oracle sends 14 employees to Guadalajara to develop future version of Oracle Database and Oracle Enterprise Manager

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    Indian Firm, HCL, opens an IT delivery center in the city.

  • Connector.


    Indian outsourcing firm iGate opens offices in Guadalajara.

Tata Consultancy Services opens its first facility in the city.

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    fDi Magazine states that Guadalajara has the second strongest economic potential of any major North American city, behind only Chicago. The magazine names Guadalajara as a “city of the future” due to its youthful population, low unemployment, and large number of recent FDI deals.

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    The Mexican government begins offering incentives to foreign investors under PROSOFT.

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    Motorola’s plant is sold to ON Semiconductor

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    IBM Mexico announces that it will begin manufacturing PCs at its plant in El Salto, Jalisco near Guadalajara. About 90% of its PCs manufactured in Mexico would be exported to Latin America and other international markets.

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    Motorola builds a factory in Guadalajara, dedicated to the manufacture of semiconductors and transistors for export to the United States.

Kodak, opens its Guadalajara plant to begin supplying photographic products and services to consumers and commercial customers around the world.

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    First industrial park is established in the city

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    Universidad de Guadalajara, established on October 12, has been regarded as the most significant university in the state of Jalisco & the 2nd in the country.



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